Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eco-Beautiful flowers? What does that mean?

Aren't all flowers Eco-friendly? You would think so. But unfortunately, not all flower options are kind to the environment or to the people who help bring them to you. Why?

Eco-Beautiful flowers 01

Choose Flowers That Are In Season. One of the biggest things you will have to do if you are looking to have a green wedding is learn to be flexible. Let's say, for example, you've always dreamed of your wedding filled to the brim with gorgeous peonies. I mean, you are positively set on having pretty light pink peonies everywhere. But, you've planned your wedding for November when peonies are not available in the northern hemisphere. Of course your florist could probably get them for you at a very high cost. But going such a route would be so grossly "anti-eco-kind" for just about every reason mentioned in this post and more.

Eco-Beautiful flowers 02

When you buy flowers without insisting on using local resources, your flowers will most likely come from South America or other countries, drenched in chemical preservatives, and shipped under refrigeration from halfway around the world. All of that takes a lot of energy – and more chemicals than you care to know about – to make sure the flowers last long enough to use by your wedding.By using local growers, flowers can get to us quickly without excess use of energy while still fresh and with little or no chemicals and no need for refrigeration.

Eco-Beautiful flowers 03

So, by buying locally from growers who grow organically, you are helping to cut down on the use of harsh chemicals and energy for refrigeration as well as cutting out pollution from all the forms of transportation normally required to get the non-local flowers to you. And, as a side benefit, you will be stimulating your economy by supporting local businesses. And who wouldn't like that, right?

Eco-Beautiful flowers 04

Grow Your Own Flowers. With enough time, you could plant and grow all the flowers for your wedding yourself, in your yard or a co-op garden. A couple of friends of ours did this a few years ago and it turned out just beautifully. Buy Flowers From Fair Trade Suppliers. While it's best to either grow your own or buy local, if you absolutely have to have a type of flower for your wedding that you cannot get locally...make sure the flowers are obtained through Fair Trade. About 80% of cut flowers sold in the United States are grown in Latin America, South America, and Africa. Workers are often exploited to keep costs low, leading to severe abuse and mistreatment. Fair Trade creates a sustainable business model that guarantees social justice, environmental protection and economic development.

Eco-Beautiful flowers 05

And last but not least, handcrafting your own broach, fabric, button, or paper arrangements is another fantastic way to be eco-kind and still have one gorgeous wedding. For obvious reasons, making your own arrangements is as green as green can be. Here's a really neat option for handcrafting your own centerpieces.But another great advantage is that handcrafted items will not wilt and with care...they could last forever.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Maternity Wedding Dresses for the Expecting Bride-To-Be

Ciara and Olivia Wilde are both engaged and pregnant, Here are a few dresses we love that could totally work for a pregnant bride!

Kerry Washington's Chic (Pregnancy-Friendly) Sheath
Kerry Washington's Chic (Pregnancy-Friendly) Sheath. Not only is Kerry naturally beautiful, she knows how to dress for her body. She showed off her growing bump in a white Balenciaga dress designed by Alexander Wang and looked absolutely stunning.

Daring Diva
Daring Diva. This dress is not for everyone, but a plunging neckline and sheer (short) skirt will keep your temperature cool and will definitely have you looking hot!

ball gown organza 2 in 1 wedding dress
2in1WeddingDresses. Sweetheart ball gown organza 2 in 1 wedding dress with detachable strap and crisscross bodice. Floor length wedding dress with lavish ruffles and convertible to short. Click the photo below to see it in details.

classic silhouette maternity wedding dress
Simply Chic. This classic silhouette is totally timeless (and comfy). Plus, an embellished neckline means you'll be drawing the attention towards your upper body.

Illusion Lace Maternity Wedding Dress
Illusion Lace. The sheer neckline is sexy, yet sweet while the empire waist stylishly conceals a little baby bump.

Romantic Embellishments Maternity Wedding Dresses
Romantic Embellishments. Organza rosettes make this dress ultra-feminine and a unique overlay will nicely frame your perfect bump.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Update in 2in1WeddingDresses

It's the end of this month now, 2in1WeddingDresses has several selective new products for you as usual. They are all from Martina Liana and in 2 in 1 styles, they are lace wedding dresses with Detachable Lace Jacket or Overskirt, Long or Short Sleeves, they are all in designer style but affordable custom-made price. Here are one of them, you can search to see all of them. And click the photo below to see the dress details.

Lace and Silk 2 in 1 Wedding Dress With a Detachable Lace Jacket and Overskirt 01
Lace and Silk 2 in 1 Wedding Dress With a Detachable Lace Jacket and Overskirt 02
Lace and Silk 2 in 1 Wedding Dress With a Detachable Lace Jacket and Overskirt 03
Lace and Silk 2 in 1 Wedding Dress With a Detachable Lace Jacket and Overskirt 04

Friday, January 24, 2014

With or Without the Waistband, It's Very Different

We have three kinds of 2 in 1 wedding dresses, convertible skirt, detachable train and removable straps. But there are many other two in one styles, such as wedding dress with or without the waistband, you may think it is a very small different on a dress, I want to tell you that you are wrong, see the three dresses below and you can understand the important of the "Waistband". With or without? It's really can give you a very different style.

2 in 1 Wedding Dresses With or Without the Waistband 01a

2 in 1 Wedding Dresses With or Without the Waistband 01b

Ivory wedding dress in luxurious Parisian Silk Chiffon. Features Swarovski crystal and diamante details throughout hand embroidered bodice trickling through the textural skirt. Accents of Silk Chiffon ribbon. Lace up or zipper back available. Grosgrain ribbon sash sold separately.

2 in 1 Wedding Dresses With or Without the Waistband 02a

2 in 1 Wedding Dresses With or Without the Waistband 02b

A-line wedding dress features a Swarovski crystal and diamante encrusted sweetheart bodice and full skirt. Removable beaded tulle jacket with cap sleeves and Grosgrain ribbon sash sold separately.

2 in 1 Wedding Dresses With or Without the Waistband 03a

2 in 1 Wedding Dresses With or Without the Waistband 03b

Silk Organza A-line designer wedding gown has a Swarovski Crystal beaded lace bodice featuring re-embroidered silk ribbon, soft Silk Organza skirt and a flowing chapel train. Grosgrain ribbon sash sold separately.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

2014 Bridal Dress Idea: Custom Made a Celebrity Dress

How about having a custom-made celebrity style dress for your wedding? If you have a favorite star and love one of her dresses very much, will you want to own it too, or make it for your wedding dress? If you can't afford the top designer dresses, how about custom made it? Maybe not the 100% similar, but who cares, what you want just the style, the feeling to wear a dress from your favorite star, only make sure dress is elaborate and high quality. Then who can help you to get such a dress? Maybe a local tailor or a custom made online shop, usually it is much expensive to custom made a dress in a local Tailor and few online shops can offer custom made service, sounds find a perfect place to get the celebrity style dress is not so easy.

Custom Made a Celebrity Dress 01

Custom Made a Celebrity Dress 02

Custom Made a Celebrity Dress 03

Custom Made a Celebrity Dress 04

So we are here, the 2in1WeddingDresses, who not only special for convertible wedding dresses in designer styles, but also offers custom-made service! We can't promise to make the dress exactly like the one you want, because the material of the celebrity dress usually very rare and precious, usually very expensive, of course. But we will elaborate every dress and don't worry, our tailors are all have more than 10 years experience in wedding dress making.You can specify your special requirements, such as the color the fabric, and if you want a little different in the designer style, point it out. In this way, we can make it much closer to your mind. After we finished the pattern, we will send the pictures back to you. Only after getting your satisfaction will we continue our work. Email to to make a custom dress query.

Custom Made a Celebrity Dress: Blake Lively

Custom Made a Blake Lively Dress

Custom Made a Blake Lively Wedding Dress

Blake Lively: Custom Made a Wedding Dress

Blake Lively Style:Custom Made a Wedding Dress

Blake Lively Style Wedding Dress