Thursday, October 24, 2013

Change Designer Dresses into 2 Different Styles

2 in 1 wedding dresses

You really love a designer wedding dress but think it will spend too much over your dress budget? Don't worry, many designer wedding dresses can be simple changed into 2 different styles, then you can own two dresses in a single dress's price.

Heidi Elnora 2014 Collection

I got 3 designer dresses from Heidi Elnora 2014 Collection which all can cut into a short one after the ceremony. Based in Alabama, Heidi perfectly captures the modern southern belle. Her new Fall 2014 collection, Opera, was inspired by a recent trip to Paris. The designs are classic, but with fun unexpected details. Just have a image that cut them into a short one, if you love any of them, can custom-made it for you in 2 in 1 styles and will never destroy the dress, a quick zip will help you change the look in a flash.

change designer dresses into 2 different styles

So if you have any other designer wedding dresses in mind and want it can be used in 2 styles, send the pictures and details to,you can get your dream dress in less than 30 days.

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