Thursday, November 28, 2013

Guides to Help 2014 Brides Get a Jump on Their Planning

December is the ultimate month for bridal fashion! Bridal boutiques often have sales on the current year's lines while the next year's collections are flooding into their stores. Brides have the best range of selection to pick from in December, so if you haven't found the dress, next month is your best chance!

DIY your winter wedding

If you're planning to DIY your wedding - now is the time! A lot of crafty couples can be surprised at the amount of time that easy Pinterest project really requires, so get a good head start when you can.Ornaments aren't just for Christmas anymore! Post-holiday sales can afford some amazing deals on ornaments and decor that will still look gorgeous in summer and spring. Keep your eyes open for glittery finds - white, silver, and gold can work in any season - or patterned paper to use as accents.

winter wedding decor

If your venue allows you to supply your own alcohol, the best time to stock up on bubbly is right after New Year's or Valentine's Day. Stores bring in massive amounts of champagne and alcohol for winter holidays, which means prices plummet on January 1st. Buy your preferred drinks by the case and store it for the big day - you can trim your bar budget significantly while still offering your guests a glass of the good stuff. Winter is also the time to taste your wedding food. Each caterer or venue has their own schedule, but the majority of tastings occur during their slow season. Keep in mind that seasonal items might change, but now is the time to set your menu!

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