Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014 Wedding Trends That The Experts Love

Vintage And Overly-sparkly Elements

Bridal Jewellery

"I'm excited to see brides choose crowns and circlets with more of a rustic element in 2014. Think more 'Maid Marian' than 'Kim Kardashian!' I also expect brides will be somewhat moving away from the more vintage and overly-sparkly elements towards a more organic vine-like style and shape, incorporating more gold tones. We're working on some gorgeously intricate floral based headpieces at the moment for 2014."-- Julie from Jules Bridal Jewellery

Floral crowns

simple floral crown

Never underestimate the power a simple floral crown and glowing locks on your wedding day. This is one trend we are happy to continue to see in 2014. The rich autumnal colors and tiny little berries in this pretty floral crown really dance in this bride's blonde hair. Stunning.

little ladies in your bridal party

Even if you don't feel you would like to wear a floral crown, don't forget the little ladies in your bridal party - just look how sweet this headpiece is! Floral crowns have long been a favorite of Royalty and if you ask me, it's easy to see why.

Dirty Fabulous vintage boutique

Dirty Fabulous vintage boutique

"I think the main reason has been celebrities such as Kate Moss and Lily Allen wearing veils for their own weddings. I have made a couple of bespoke beaded Juliet veils for 2014 weddings already; they are so pretty on! The trend that is stemming from this is a very romantic look in terms of the dress, detailed beading, soft lace and floaty fabrics, but not overly fussy in terms of the silhouette.

vintage boutique 2014

The tea length wedding dress is here to stay and it's popularity continues to grow. Ladies are becoming more confident in wearing dresses that suit their style and personality, rather than what's just in fashion. The 1950s tea length dress offers a more informal and fun option for a bride!" -- Caroline

Back detailed wedding gowns

Back detailed wedding gowns

When you choose a wedding gown with lots of detail on the back not only are you obviously up on the latest bridal trends, but you're giving your guests something interesting to look at during your ceremony. We're excited to see which designers continue to bring this trend into 2014.

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