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Do you know that why brides are best off having their wedding dresses custom made: you'll get a better fit, exactly the design you want, and won't have to suffer the attitudes and obscene prices of a bridal boutique. And remember: custom dresses don't always cost a fortune! Every special bride deserves the perfect dress and a dress that will suit her special needs and unique taste! So what better way to get this, than designing your own dress!

Has anyone bought a custom made wedding dress online? And how do you find a custom dressmaker? My best advice is start in your immediate circle and work your way out - do you know any seamstresses or amazing sewers? Do any of your friends or family known any? If not, search online or in the Yellow Pages for someone locally.

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Local. A good tip for finding a seamstress is calling the costume department of your local theatre. Costume ladies are kickass stichers and love creative challenges. Also, be wary of buying really cheap fabric; ask to see some samples, pay attention to quality, look at the seams, ask to see photographs, etc. Once you find a seamstress you like, bring in as many photos as possible to show garment construction, color, style, fabric, etc. Your seamstress will probably have her own opinions on what will work fabric-wise. Settle on what you need and go fabric shopping or take her with you to do so. Then turn it over to her.

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Online. If you just can't find a seamstress near by, there are some truly phenomenal indie dressmakers who work online, just like Wedding Dress Fantasy, 2in1WeddingDresses, Wai-Ching... 2in1WeddingDresses can order a custom-made design based on various sources of inspiration, or alternatively choose a gown from our bridal collection. 2in1WeddingDresses can customize their gown in so many way, such as the length of train, the hem-line, the closure, neckline and color to name just a few! Then how to get a custom-made dress in

A. Send us your pictures. If you find a favourite dress online but can't find it in any shop or it's very expensive that you can't afford, don't worry, we can make it for you in almost 100% similar and a much cheaper price. Please make sure to send clear front and back pictures to us, if you have some details pictures, it will be much better. After we received your pictures, we will quote by the workmanship, such as beadings and ruffles.
B. Send us your design. If the dress is your own design or just a designer style which is very valuableness and you don't want to spend too much in a wear once dress, we can help you. With the design papers you'd better specify your special requirements, such as the color the fabric, and if you want a little different in the designer style, point it out. In this way, we can make it much closer to your mind. After we finished the pattern, we will send the pictures back to you. Only after getting your satisfaction will we continue our work. We do not accept return and change goods if there is no quality problem.

Tips:We would be very grateful if you can send your feedbacks to us after you receive the dress, pictures with comments, videos etc... are appreciated. You will win $50-$80 coupon if your feedbacks is real and attractive.

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