Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to Find Wedding Dresses on Pinterest

Do you know that 59% of brides use Pinterest to find inspiration for their wedding dress, decorations, flowers and more. No one can image this truth but it's real in 2013. Who knows how many bride-to-be will find their dress on Pinterest in 2014? One thing is certain that: the amount will be a big thump too!

Satin Strapless with Layers of Ruffles A-Line 2 in 1 Wedding Gown

So what should you do with Pinterest? How to find your dream dress and wedding decor ideas from so many boards?
1. Follow the magazine and blog which has their own Pinterest too. By this way you can not only find the beautiful looks you want but also the details "how', "where' and even "how much": how can I do it by myself? Where can I find this perfect dress? How much will it cost and it's there any way to save my time and money?...
2. Find the top designer wedding dresses online shop or one brand you love, usually they have a professional team or top fashion wedding planners, you can always find the place where they share the wedding trends, share their unique and top ideas about your wedding.
3. Some location Tailors also have their blog or Pinterest to show their words and share their practical ideas for your dress choosing and even wedding planning. Also they usually have a small online shop for the location brides and even the bride-to-be all over the world. These small Tailors often have their characters, some special for lace wedding dress, some for short dress, some for expensive wedding gowns and some for simple and cheap dresses, for example, cheap 2 in 1 wedding dresses or a second dress.
4. If you don't like all these "Business Expert", there are also many professors in person. They write blogs and share Pinterest only for interest, they may a fashion blogger, a wedding planner, a bride-to-be just like you or a photographer for wedding... They may know exactly what you have in mind: what you want and what you hate.
5. At last, you can simple search "wedding dresses", "wedding planning", "wedding dresses 2014"... in Pinterest. This is very simple but maybe will take you more time and usually you can't find the "how" and "where" at the same time.

Lace and Satin Sweetheart Column 2 in 1 Bridal Gown with Delicate Beaded Waistband

Other things you don't know about Pinterest: Pinterest is one of the hottest new social media networks for small businesses and nonprofits. This highly visual platform rakes in 2 1/2 billion monthly pageviews from its 70 million users monthly. Pinterest users also buy more of the items they encounter in pins than items on Facebook, and spend 70 percent more money when they arrive at your website from Pinterest versus non-social referrals.

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